More rain in Grants Pass

We can’t hardly believe it, but it is STILL raining in Grants Pass! Hope everyone was able to enjoy the Memorial Day weekend whether you camped in the rain, enjoyed boatnik in the rain, or stayed inside because it was raining! We can’t remember a spring this wet in recent history. The good news is it is almost June, and the sun has gotta shine in June! Don’t let the rain deter you from getting out to enjoy the best burger in Grants Pass though -- Jimmy’s Classic Drive In restaurant in Grants Pass has a drive through so you don’t even need to get out of your car if you don’t want to get wet! Or you can brave the outdoors and enjoy our covered patio if you prefer Happy Pair your favorite burger with a side of fires (or local favorite pickle fries) and a hard-scooped Umpqua ice cream milk shake and you have what we call the ultimate combo! Enjoy & have a great week! See you soon Happy

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